Carnival of the Damned

Another difficult page completed for the “Mercy is Just My Name” illustrated novel.

The righteous preacher woman and her ward brave the degeneracies of Monsieur Laveau’s World Famous Carnival and House of Mirrors!

A crowded, complex scene with no real focal point — meant to be moody and immersive.

I played around with the Midjourney AI art generator a couple of months ago, seeing if I could prompt it to make a useable supernatural, steampunk circus scene. I got some interesting results but nothing useful.

So, in the man vs. machine war, score one for human artists.

Drawn and painted in my usual digital, colored, modified scratchboard style.

The story, illustration, and layout were created with Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, Cinema 4D, Scrivner, Scribophile, and Affinity Publisher.

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