Wolfshead revisited

Another page in my eternal project, the “Mercy is Just My Name” illustrated novel. Here we see a panorama of Wolfshead—an abandoned Hopi cliff city home to some new inhabitants.

The tentative typographic layout for the book is displayed here. Double-page spreads, 6x9-inch book size, Adobe Garamond 11pt. with Royal Signage used for the story splash pages, victorian decorative dingbats.

Any suggestions or critiques are always welcome.

“Mercy” is supernatural, steampunk western, although this story focuses more on the paranormal and bad parenting, and even worse, foster parenting.

This is one of my favorites, reworked from the graphic novel.

It was done as usual in Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, and Cinema 4D in a digital, colored, modified scratchboard technique.

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